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The Cars of the SCCA Trans-Am 1966-1972 by David Tom


David Tom's new book on the Cars of the SCCA Trans-Am from 1966 - 1972 is now available in soft cover (May 2020).  Each book is signed by the author and consecutively numbered such as: 1/50. These soft cover second editions are available at the published price of $39.95 plus $10.00 shipping.


Also still available are:  author-signed and Bud Moore signed copies. (ONE Remains)  Place your order by contacting the author at:  Each copy is available at the out of print price of $300.00 (author signed) and $600.00 author signed plus Bud Moore signature. NOTE only one of the Bud Moore signed books is left) plus $20.00 postage and handling (US only).  Payment is currently only available by Pay Pal personal money transfers.

Out of country orders may be arranged via the same e-mail process.  Rates will be quoted.

All books are shipped in 1-5 business days in a bubble wrap envelope via the USPS


Events and Promotions:

No events or promotions are planned for 2021.  RacePast hopes to begin to again get out and about in late 2021.  Watch this space for announcements:


Examples of past events and promotions are:

The RacePast Collection summer 2014 Tour kicked-off in early June with the All Ford Nationals display of the Bud Moore Engineering Comet at Carlisle Pennsylvania.  The next stop was the BiCentennial car show in David's youth hometown of Centerville.  RacePast showcased the Bud Moore Comet riding atop the 1966 C-600 Ford vintage car hauler.


On September 14,2014 RacePast was  invited to showcase The Comet, the Gray Ghost, the VIN 1 1970 Smokey Yunick Camaro, the vintage hauler as well as the University of Pittsburgh 1969 Trans-Am Camaro and several other cars at the Dayton, Ohio Concours d'Elegance.

2015-2019 events included numerous auto shows and promotional displays.  the most notable was the Concours d'Elegance of America in Plymouth, MI.  



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