The racepast Collection

The racepast Collection consists of thousands ofitems that were once used or could be used to restore vintage racecars and other vehicles.  We are now conducting an inventory of these parts that will be available as we process the photos and descriptions.  New items will be added daily.


Bud Moore Engineering and Bud Moore Signed items:


In 2018, Walter M. (Bud) Moore passed away at the age of 92.  It was my privilage and honor to have known Bud and his family for nearly 20 years.  I first met Bud when he was closing down his NASCAR race shops in Spartanburg, SC in 1999.  Bud and his sons permitted me free and complete access to his shops to rescure what remained of his early NASCAR and SCCA Trans-Am parts and memorabilia.  Later, as I came to know them better, I had the pleasure to interview Bud and other members of his crew as part of my research into what I called the "Glory Days" of American Racing.


During this time that spanned most of two decades, I was given and purchased hundreds of items that were part of the Bud Moore Engineering and Bud Moore story.  Throughout those years I have used, shown, displayed, and preserved those pieces of history in my shops, vintage races, concoures events, parades, magazine articles, trade shows, and most importantly in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  


Several years ago, I began the long process of downsizing my shop space.  My 2400 sq. ft. two story shop became a 3+ car garage.  During that move I packed and stored thousands of items, knowing that one day the collection would need to diminish to be enjoyable.  That day is now!  I have begun the task of unpacking the stored items, cataloging each and am now listing many of them as "For Sale".


Each item is guarenteed to be as described.  Items that are hand signed by Bud Moore were signed in my presence and Bud's signature can be authenticated by his family if necessary.  All items are priced without shipping and packing.  Should the buyer require shipping, I will get an accurate price for insured shipping by the method of buyer's choice.


Authentic Bud Moore Engineering and Bud Moore items:


Item #BME0001  Bud Moore engineering complete front GN or Winston cup Ford/Mercury Lower control arms, hubs, and spindles.  All refurbished with bearings etc for spares on restoration project. $750.00 plus shipping. SOLD


Item #BME0002  Bud Moore Engineering prototype Fuel cell check valve assembly.  Very rare example of early attempts to control fuel spillage in NASCAR  $650.00 plus shipping


Item #BME0003 Bud Moore Engineering Mustang TA fuel overfill catch can.


Item #BME0004 Bud Moore Engineering prototype fuel tank NASCAR/SCCA (never finished or used.  $250.00 plus shipping (Sold) 


THERE ARE MANY ADDITIONAL BUD MOORE items in the photo gallery that are available.


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