Racepast is not so much a business but a hobby that got out of control!  As a very young boy my father took me to a midget car race on a one fifth mile track in Richmond, Indiana.  I don't remember the race but I do remember the sounds of Offys and Flatheads and the smell of burning rubber and castor oil.  I was hooked.


To date I have been actively involved in motorsports since 1971 when I formed a college racing team at Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio racing a Bugeye Sprite in SCCA H-Production.  I was a fan long before that.


Racepast was formed to help me focus on keeping those memories alive both for myself and for those who might like to relive some of the Glory Days of motorsports in the USA.  We, I say we because I rely on many friends and fellow enthusiasts, to help provide a variety of services, memorabilia, parts, supplies, research, searches, consultation, an occassional restoration, and a bunch of other stuff for enthusiasts with afflictions similar to ours.


As of the Fall of 2013 I beame an author.  My first publication, The Cars of the SCCA Trans-Am has been published by Car Tech Books. The first printing sold out in 2015.  As of May 2020, a second edition was made available in soft cover. Copies may be purchased at booksellers worldwide, on Amazon, or signed copies may be purchased on this website.

David Tom, June 2020

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